The New Wheel Of Savings!

Wheel of savings 1024x888 The New Wheel Of Savings!The Resource Recoveries ‘Wheel of Savings!.’ Many have talked about it. We have had hundreds of people ask about it, and now its back! Our Wheel of Savings is a computerized wheel of prizes that every company or individual gets to spin EVERY time they come in. Whether it is to drop off their load of waste or pick up some of our high grade product! Every truck gets the chance to win it for FREE. That’s right, the main prize is, whatever product that is on the truck, you win – for free! Other then that, we have 5, 10 15 and 20% off panels so your chances are very high! Cans of soft drink, pet rocks, calenders and even another ticket into our mystery prize!

IMG 9735 1024x683 The New Wheel Of Savings!

We have given away tens of thousands of dollars already. Come in and give the wheel a spin!

Mystery Prize 949x1024 The New Wheel Of Savings!

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