A Few of the Advantages of Recycling In Brisbane

recycle 300x272 A Few of the Advantages of Recycling In BrisbaneRecycling is when materials are used over, at least once and in some cases, many times. They can be reused in their original intended form such as a returnable soda or beer bottle or the material can be used in co-operation with virgin material such as many types of plastic or it can be melted and returned to a saleable form immediately, such as steel shapes. Recycling in Brisbane is simply a matter of understanding that waste that would otherwise end up in landfills can be re used.

The economics of recycling

To recycle in Brisbane makes economic sense, as an example it costs twice as much to produce an aluminum can from recycled material as it does when the same can is made from raw aluminum billet. The issue is energy, it takes 90% more energy to extract the ore and produce the aluminum than it does to melt the recycled aluminum in an electric furnace. Not only is it considerably less expensive to arrive at useful material by recycling, there are other economic benefits of recycling in Brisbane.

Maintaining landfills are an expensive proposition for a city, recycling reduces the amount of material destined for a landfill site. Not only are landfill costs reduced, many municipalities have established recycling centers and the income from the sale of scrap is being used to offset disposal costs.

Pollution reduction

Manufacturing materials from raw materials can play environmental havoc with the creation of air and water pollution. The manufacture of cement, which is the main component in concrete, releases excessive carbon dioxide into the environment. The reuse of concrete into new material for construction significantly reduces this carbon dioxide emission. This is the same for the recycling of newsprint. For every ton of newsprint that is recycled, almost 270 Kg of air pollutants do not enter the atmosphere, had the same amount of newsprint been made with virgin material, this would not be the case.

Research continues on unearthing new and creative ways to recycle more and more product, the benefits of this continued research cannot be doubted.

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