30 Day commercial Account

The 30 Day Commercial Account
For traders  whose average account exceeds $5,000 per month.

The nature of our 30 Day Commercial Account remains unchanged – it resets the due date of  payment  to the end of the following month, at which time the full sum of the invoices is then due and payable, and processed on your card.

Thus, the full amount of trading in, for example, December, becomes entirely due at the end of January, and so on.

Your statement will issue at the end of the trading month, and we will allow 7 days for your payment.   Thereafter, we will process the account in accordance with your card details.

Card Account holders in good stead will NOT be charged the 2.5% card surcharge.

As a further incentive to reward our regular customers, when your monthly turnover with us exceeds $2,500 we will process a 5% credit reward good on your account for the next trading month.   If you break $5,000 we’ll credit you 10% on your next month’s trading.Call us now1 30 Day commercial Account

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